Our Journey

Our Journey

“Shalom everybody, my name is Orrianne from Ancient Biblical Oils. 

As a family, we’ve been using aromatics for about 5 years and it’s been a wonderful experience. Daniel and I have seen major breakthroughs in our health and have used the oils extensively on our children. So basically everything that we teach, is being tried and tested on ourselves and the few of you who walked this journey with us. And along the way, we have seen phenomenal things that are unexplainable, except through the Scriptures. We have people walk out of dementia clinics. We’ve seen children with ADHD completely turn around and outdo their peers at school and we’ve seen people heal of cervical cancer and the list can just go on. 

By the age of 24, I had my first prescription for Prozac and thank goodness I didn’t take it. By the age of 30, I broke out into boils. I had a minor stroke, lost the use of my arm, had chronic pain, chronic anxiety and depression… Everything in my body would be stiff and only by 11 o’clock in the morning my body would begin to “open. I went through the medical system in Pretoria and I didn’t get a diagnosis. When we moved down to Cape Town I went through the hospitals and doctors there, and in Cape Town, I didn’t get a diagnosis either. It was just pain and inflammation and infection. I found myself addicted to pharmaceutical drugs, up to 20, 30 tablets a day, 6 ibuprofen to sleep. I was on and off antibiotics throughout the year and, for me, that was just my life. 

And then about 4 or 5 years ago I met a lady in Pretoria and she taught me how to use two oils to assist in pain management and I was intrigued. We started using the oils and we were happy. I got off the pharmaceutical drugs and it had nothing to do with the scriptures, but we were happy. 

And then Elohim, God, started to speak to Daniel about the oils and the aromatics from a scriptural perspective. He began to show him in the scriptures why and what have we missed. Why does King Solomon say oil and incense is good medicine, yet we are addicted to pharmaceuticals? Why Cedarwood? Why Hyssop? He begins to show Daniel within the language, within the culture, who they represent, why they do what it is that they do and when he began to speak to me about the oils from that perspective and began to teach me about the oils from that perspective, I saw major, major breakthroughs in my health. 

In the little bit that we’ve seen, I would diagnose myself with fibromyalgia, going into lupus and 24 years ago no one knew what that was. 6 years ago it was still very, very obscure and today when people come to the seminars, every second, third person has fibromyalgia. And I’ve walked without that now for 3 years. 

I have no pain, no inflammation, no anxiety, no depression. My response to life is relative to my circumstances, whereas before, it was very, very out of sync. In one day I would be in extreme rage and anger, raging through the house, breaking stuff, and the following day I would be in bed shivering in tears and I don’t have that anymore. 

Also along the journey, we’ve seen things that just became normal to us. People come to seminars and within weeks they instinctively throw away their anti-depressants, they throw away their insulin, their high blood pressure medication. Those things have become normal to us. 

One thing that I want to say is, those of you who attended a seminar and those of you who haven’t, the oils and the aromatics are really just tools in the hands of the Messiah, they are Him and what we have is a message, it’s a message about Him.