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Unlocking the secrets to Ancient Biblical Healing

Biblical Prayer & Meditation

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This course in Biblical Prayer & Meditation has been six years in the making.

If you believe in The Elohim (Hebrew for God) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and always felt that there must be so more much more, then this course is for you.
Unfortunately for most of us we have been introduced or brought up in religions that are Biblically based but founded on western understanding. This is a massive problem as not only do translations water down and at times even pervert the true meaning of Biblical Hebrew words, our lack of understanding with regards to the Hebrew culture The Bible was written in makes it very difficult for us to grasp the deeper principles of the Biblical culture or religion of our forefathers.
We understand The Biblical culture and text as being the source of all of creation and therefore the highest and purest source of Truth aka Wisdom Understanding and Knowledge.
We understand the Biblical text to be Ancient middle eastern and therefore deeply mystical. We see that each time our forefathers engage with the mystical schools of their time they rise to the highest positions within said nations mystical practices. We see this with Joseph whom The Bible tells us taught the elders of Mitzrayim (Egypt) "Wisdom", we see it in Moshe and Aaron defeating the magicians of Egypt in supernatural duels and we Daniel and his friends rising to the top of the Mystical school of Babylon.
I always wondered how the above was possible?
Turns out all the answers have been sitting right infornt of us all this time, all we had to do was dig a little deeper into the Hebrew language and the Hebrew culture to get the answers.
What a truly facinating and empowering journey it has been and it is our heaerts desire to share this powerful information and tools with all who are seeking a deeper connection to The Elohim of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
Blessings! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’

Daniel & Sarah

What is this teaching about?

Sarah's First Experiences With Biblical Meditation

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Ancient Biblical Oilsโ€„wasโ€„establishedโ€„inโ€„2015 after Sarah (Orrianne) was suffering from poor health. Our journey started with the usual aromatics but took a turn when Elohim (God) started showing Daniel truths from scripture regarding oils and aromatics. We were amazed at these amazing qualities that have been unknown to us for so long. We still stand amazed when we get testimonials from people around the globe of how these amazing tools in the hands of the Messiah are being used to bring healing. Read more about our journeyโ€ฆ

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