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​Essential Oils For Beginners 31st Oct - 4th Nov

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Essential oils for beginners.

The course will be run over 1 week in Telegram from Monday 31st to Friday 4th.
Registration is $15pp
Group booking for 5 and above will be at $11pp.

-What are essential oils?

-Why do they work as Medicine?
-How do they work as medicine?
-Are essential oils safe to use?
-How to blend essential oils and at what strength?
-How do you use oils?
-Are Essential oils New Age or are they Ancient Biblical Wisdom?
-Our revelation on Biblical Aromatics
Blessings! 💐
Sarah Hall
Ancient Biblical Healing Coach
Sarah's Healing Journey

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Ancient Biblical Oils was established in 2015 after Sarah (Orrianne) was suffering from poor health. Our journey started with the usual aromatics but took a turn when Elohim (God) started showing Daniel truths from scripture regarding oils and aromatics. We were amazed at these amazing qualities that have been unknown to us for so long. We still stand amazed when we get testimonials from people around the globe of how these amazing tools in the hands of the Messiah are being used to bring healing. Read more about our journey…

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