Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Carterri) 3,53oz (100g)

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Frankincense resin is the raw material Frankincense oil is made from, Frankincense resin has been treasured through out history especially so in the Israelite temple service where it was offered with each Mincha (Flour offering), not only was it offered with every Mincha, we believe Frankincense Resin was one of the gifts given to the young Messiah.

In our opinion from the Biblical evidence we have been so blessed to see, we believe Frankincense is the second greatest of the two great or chief Biblical spices.

In the middle eastern world Frankincense is and was used for Spiritual and physical well-being, it was chewed as a ancient health boosting bubble gum, it was burnt as incense and anointing oils and health drinks were made from it.

Indeed Frankincense is one of the most amazing gift that The Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has given to all Adam (Mankind).

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Frankincense Resin
Quality: 100% pure, Food Grade, Wildcrafted

Species: Boswellia Carterri

Origin: Somalia

3,53oz (100g)

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